View of The Inner Harbor

On August 3rd 1998, My husband and two girls and I went to the Inner Harbor for the first time. Needless to say the weather was just beautiful. The sky was pure blue all three days that we were there. The National Aquarium was the best that we've seen so far. The Dolphin show kept everyone on the edge of their seats. We were told we were sitting in the "SPLASH" zone, but not one time did we get wet. View from Maryland Science MuseumThe Maryland Science Museum was nice. For $50.00 for all of us, the best attraction was the IMAX Theater seeing first "Climbing Mount Everest" then the Thrill ride. The screen was at least three stories tall. And it felt like you were actually there. We then went into the Planetarium. To tell you the truth going into one of those always reminds me of my childhold because it really amazed me even 20 years ago. We stayed at a "Hilton", as we usually do these days.We had a nice view of the Pool area.

 To be honest with you I might have gained about 5 pounds because of all the good food we ate.We went to two seafood restaurants. The first "The Rusty Scupper" was situated right on the Harbor and was very expensive. If you want good seafood, trust me, don't go for the atmosphere. It's not worth it. The food wasn't that good, but the view was georgeous.
 The best seafood on our trip was found outside of The Inner Harbor.This time I didn't order Crab Imperial like I usually do or Crab Cakes This time it was directly to the Mother Load. Jumbo Crabs were served directly on the table. What a mess it was but it was great!Then, believe it or not we all woke up with an appetite and ate at IHOP. It was great. Like I said ,I know I gained.
 On our last day in Maryland we stopped off at The Baltimore ZooRachel takes a ride It was one of the largest Zoos I've ever experienced being at. We had a very nice time but it started to get very hot and we were tired of walking.
 We love to take a few days now and then and get away from it all. Every 4 months or so we start planning our next trip.We might head north next time again but in a different direction. We've been to Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts. Our favorite to date is Block Island. Seems that Cleve and I love being near water and boats .
Nicole and Rachel nest together It's great going away alone with Cleve but the kids really enjoy vacations with us too.
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