<FORM NAME="lottery">

How many balls?<BR>
<input type="text" name="balls_drawn" size=2 value="6"><BR><BR>

What's the maximum number drawn?<BR>
<input type="text" name="max_number" size=2 value="49"><BR><BR>
Your numbers are...<BR>
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="numbers" SIZE=40 MAXLENGTH=40 VALUE=""><BR>
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="generate" onclick="generatenos();"><BR><BR>


<SCRIPT language="javascript">

//code to generate and display random numbers, using values entered by a user on a form
//(namely BALLS_DRAWN and MAX_NUMBER), for use as lottery numbers etc.
//Copyright (C) Rhodus Corp 1997 [rhodus@geocities.com]
//do not use this code in whole or in part without including these four lines.

var loop;       //loop counter
var randy;      //holds random numbers

function make_array(size)               //creates a one-dimensional array
        this.length = size;
        for (a=0; a<size; a++) this[a]="";

function generatenos()          //flags certain numbers in a one-dimensional array
        hold = new make_array(document.lottery.max_number.value);
        document.lottery.numbers.value = "";    //clear numbers box

        //now we need to generate some numbers-----------------------------------------------

        for(loop=0;loop<document.lottery.balls_drawn.value;loop++)      //1 step through loop for each ball to be drawn
                randy = Math.round(Math.random()*(document.lottery.max_number.value-1));
                randy++;        //ie. number between 0+1 (=1) and max_value-1+1 (=max_value)
                        loop--;         //if number already chosen, go back one step in the loop
                        continue;               //and start again (so no duplicate numbers)

                        hold[randy]=1;  //if not already flagged, then flag the number in the 'hold' list


        //now we need to display the numbers-------------------------------------------------
                if(hold[loop]==1)       //ie. if 'loop' is flagged
                        document.lottery.numbers.value = document.lottery.numbers.value + loop + ", ";  //display on 'numbers' text field, seperated by commas

// -->