Koan piece: It will entertain you while your reading this:
Who   are   you?   Every   American   falls   into   one   of   the   following   eight   lifestyle   categories:

    Enjoy the "finer things."
    Receptive to new products,technologies.
    Skeptical of advertising.
    Frequent readers of a wide variety of publications.

    Little interest in image or prestige.
    Above-average consumers of products for the home.
    Like educational and public affairs programming.
    Read widely and often.

    Buy American.
    Slow to change habits;look for bargains.
    Watch TV more than average.
    Read retirement, home and garden, and general interest magazines.

    Attracted to premium products.
    Prime target for variety of products.
    Average TV watchers.
    Read business, news, and self-help publications.
    Limited discretionary incomes, but carry credit balances.
    Spend on clothing and personal-care products.
    Prefer TV to reading.
    Follow fashion and fads.
    Spend much of disposible income on socializing.
    Buy on impulse, attend to advertising.
    Listen to rock music.

    Shop for confort, durability, value.
    Unimpressed by luxuries.
    Buy the basics, listen to the radio.
    Read auto, home mechanics, fishing, outdoor magazines.

    Brand loyal.
    Use coupons and watch for sales.
    Watch TV often.
    Read tabloids and women's magazines.
Which category do you think you fall under?
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